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If I am already retired

If you are already retired

The type of pension (fixed-term or lifetime) and the conditions under which it is paid depend on the fund you are insured with - universal, occupational and/or voluntary pension fund.

Pensions depending on the type of pension fund


Insured in the Universal Pension Fund

Persons insured in the UB Pension Fund have various options for payment of funds on reaching the age referred to in Article 68(1) of the CSR and subject to other conditions laid down in the law. You can find out more about the types of UBF pensions on the Universal Fund page. The UPR pension is a second pension which is paid in addition to the pension paid by the National Social Insurance Institution.

Those insured in the Professional Pension Fund

If you are insured in an occupational pension fund, you are entitled to a temporary old-age pension. This is paid after you become eligible for early retirement, depending on your years of service in first or second category work and your age. This pension is temporary because it is paid only until you become entitled to a retirement pension. Once this point is reached, the person starts receiving a life pension from the State Social Insurance Pension Fund and a life pension from a universal pension fund if he or she is covered by such a fund.

Persons who do not meet these conditions will be able to retire from the State Social Insurance by transferring their funds to the State Social Security.

Persons who have not exercised their right to early retirement and who have not transferred their funds to the State Social Insurance, if they continue to work until they reach the retirement age under Article 68(1) of the Social Security Code, will be able to withdraw their funds from the State Social Insurance in one lump sum or transfer them to the UPF or the VPF upon retirement.

Those insured in the VPF

Every person insured in a voluntary pension fund is entitled to a fixed old-age pension, payable once the insured person becomes entitled to a retirement pension or up to five years before retirement age. The forms of payment of these funds may be varied and shall be chosen by the insured person.