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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility


At UBB Pensions, we combine the care for personal finances with a responsible attitude towards public interests and needs, among which are sustainable economic development and improvement of the quality of life. We achieve this through a variety of social and environmental activities.

Our corporate social responsibility strategy

Social responsibility is not part of a separate strategy, but is woven into our overall corporate strategy and, therefore, embedded in its four pillars and in our day-to-day business operations. For us, it means that we are able to meet the expectations of all stakeholders, not only today, but also looking forward. It is with this goal in mind that the companies in the KBC Group Bulgaria are directing their efforts towards:

  • Strengthening our positive impact on society
  • Reducing our negative impact on society
  • Encouraging responsible employee behaviour

We focus on those aspects of our business that express our understanding of our role in society and demonstrate our efforts to be a benchmark company in every aspect of our business.

Priority areas of support

KBC Group companies take the promotion of entrepreneurship as their mission, as we believe that it is at the heart of economic development and growth.

For our group, financial literacy is a topic of paramount importance. As experts in the financial and insurance field, we try to raise public awareness of financial education issues by implementing various initiatives aimed at different target groups.

As part of their corporate social responsibility policy, KBC Group companies in Bulgaria strive to support initiatives related to healthy lifestyles.

KBC's companies in Bulgaria are taking and implementing measures to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions generated by their operations on a daily basis, as well as reporting on their progress on previous initiatives on a regular basis.