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Pension Calculator

Amount of the Voluntary Pension Fund pension

What pension will I receive from a voluntary pension fund?

Determine the amount you intend to contribute to your supplementary pension and you can calculate the amount of pension you will receive years from now.

Calculation of the Voluntary Pension Fund pension

My age *
Contribution amount *
Age at which I will retire *
Investment return *
Amount accumulated in voluntary pension fund to date *
Annual indexation of the contribution *
Period for receiving a pension *

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Important clarification on the calculation of the Voluntary Pension Fund pension

The calculations are indicative and do not guarantee future results. They have been developed under the following conditions and assumptions:

  • Technical interest rate used to determine the initial pension amount - 0.92%
  • Management fee value of 4.25%

The result is dependent on the data provided. It cannot serve, directly or indirectly, as a legal, financial or tax advice and should always be discussed with a qualified professional when making financial decisions. Every investment carries risk and past performance is no guarantee of present or future investment performance.