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About КВС Group

We are an integrated bank-insurance group, catering mainly for retail, private banking, SME and mid-cap clients. Our core markets are Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria. We are present to a limited extent in several other countries.

Founded in 1998 after the merger of two Belgian banks (Kredietbank and CERA Bank) and a Belgian insurance company (ABB Insurance), today the KBC Group is the employer of 42,000 employees and the main bank or insurer of over 13 million customers.

We strive to be much more than a bank and an insurer: our main objective as a banking and insurance group is to help all our customers and partners to realise their dreams and protect them. Even more: we want to inspire and stimulate those who rely on us every day.

Credit Ratings* of KBC Group: Fitch A; Moody’s Baa1; S&P’s A-

* Source: www.kbc.com (January 2024)


КВС Group* in a nutshell

  • Operations on developed (Belgium, the Czech Republic) and developing markets (Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria)
  • 13 million clients
  • 42 000 employees
  • Credit Ratings*: Fitch A; Moody’s Baa1; S&P’s A-

* Source: www.kbc.com (January 2024)


About UBB Pensions

The standard of living depends on skilful management of personal finances. With its products and services, our company wants to help customers easily manage their personal finances and realize the things that are important to them - today and tomorrow.

The company's operations began in 2001 when the three pillar model of pension insurance was introduced in the country. Until 2014, the company operated under the ING brand, and then as part of NN Bulgaria. Since 2021, UBB Pension Insurance Company EAD (UBB Pensions) has been part of the Belgian banking and insurance group KBC. KBC companies in our country offer the full range of financial services.

UBB Pensions manages three supplementary pension funds - UBB Universal Pension Fund, UBB Professional Pension Fund, and UBB Voluntary Pension Fund, as well as two annuity funds - Life Annuity Fund and Term Annuity Fund.

UBB Pensions in a nutshell

  • 23 years of tradition on the Bulgarian market;
  • over 441 thousand individual clients*;
  • more than 400 corporate clients;
  • more than BGN 2.372 billion net assets of the supplementary pension insurance funds managed by the company*.

* Source: FSC (www.fsc.bg), as of 30.09.2023


Strategic objectives of UBB Pension Insurance

As part of the KBC Group, UBB Pensions shares the corporate values, mission and vision of the KBC Group and works to achieve the following strategic objectives:

  • to be a benchmark in offering pension products and services;
  • to develop in a long-term perspective and to achieve sustainable and profitable growth;
  • to put the interests of its customers at the heart of its business and offer high quality services;
  • to operate with responsibility to society and the local economy, and seek to reflect this in its day-to-day activities.

These key strategic objectives, through their interaction, enable UBB Pensions to meet the interests of its customers, shareholders, employees and the community; to protect and promote what is important to them, today and in the future.


Socially responsible behaviour

Socially responsible behaviour is fundamental to the sustainability of our business. To maintain and increase trust, it is critical that we are socially responsible, regardless of our level in the organization, and that we do so every day. As customer orientation is at the core of our corporate strategy, we pay special attention to responsible selling.

The core principles enshrined in our PERLA+ values are respect for our customers, colleagues, society and the KBC group to which we belong, together with our commitment to responsiveness and result orientation. At the core of responsible behaviour is integrity, which includes honesty, fairness, transparency and confidentiality, combined with a thorough assessment of risk.

In our management and decision-making, we are guided by the principles of socially responsible investing - Environmental, Social, and Governance ("ESG").



"Pension Insurance Company UBB" EAD has a registered capital of BGN 8,700,000, whose sole owner is DZI - Life Insurance EAD, part of the Belgian KBC Group in Bulgaria.



"Pension Insurance Company UBB" EAD is registered in the national administrative register BULSTAT maintained by the Registry Agency. The Unique Identification Code (UIC) of the company is 121708719.



"Pension Insurance Company UBB" EAD holds a license for carrying out supplementary pension insurance activity No. 6 dated 3 October 2000.


Licenses for the activity of the funds

Universal Pension Fund UBB - Decision №349-UPF/25.08.2003 of the FSC, registered in the Commercial Register of the Sofia City Court on 16.02.2001 under company file №1793/2001, registration code in the NRA №061.

Professional Pension Fund UBB - Decision No 348-PPF/25.08.2003 of the FSC, entered in the Commercial Register of the Sofia City Court on 30.11.2000 under company file No 14208/2000, registration code in the NRA No 062.

Voluntary Pension Fund UBB - Decision №347-DPF/25.08.2003 of the FSC, registered in the Commercial Register of the Sofia City Court on 04.12.2000 under company file №14263/2000.

UBB Life Annuity Fund, entered in the BULSTAT Register with No. 177529632, pursuant to Resolution No. 748 - FIPP dated 12.10.2021 of the FSC.

UBB Term Annuity Fund, entered in the BULSTAT Register with No. 177528577, by virtue of Decision No. 723 - FPP dated 05.10.2021 of the FSC.

UBB Pensions is entered in the Public Register of Licensed Pension Insurance Companies. For the Financial Supervision Commission's Public Register of Licensed Pension Insurance Companies, click here.

UBB Pensions' insurance intermediaries are listed in the Public Register of Insurance Intermediaries in Bulgaria. For the Financial Supervision Commission's Public Register of Insurance Intermediaries, click here.


Policies and rules

Remuneration Policy of UBB (available in Bulgarian in Bulgarian part of this website)
Information Disclosure Policy (available in Bulgarian in Bulgarian part of this website)
Sources: http://www.fsc.bg, UBB Pensions


Announcements of amendments to the regulations of the pension funds of UBB Pension Insurance are published in the newspaper "24 hours" and the newspaper "Trud".