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Partners and pension insurance intermediaries

In order to provide better and more diversified services to its clients, UBB Pension Insurance cooperates with the following partners and affiliates:



UBB Pension Insurance Bulgaria has established long-lasting cooperation relations with the following banks operating in Bulgaria:


Insurance brokers

UBB Pension Insurance Bulgaria actively works with a number of insurance brokers licensed to operate in Bulgaria.

Pension insurance intermediaries

The pension insurance intermediaries offer UBB Pension Insurance products in compliance with the requirements of the Social Security Code. Pension insurance intermediaries undergo training focused on providing knowledge of the specifics of the Bulgarian pension insurance system. Pension insurance intermediaries have legitimation cards with their names and unique numbers.


Schedule of commission payments in 2023


For month
Deadline for receipt of income declarations (for individuals), invoices (for companies) and bills (for self-employed persons) in the Central Office Sofia
Date of receipt of the commission fees into the pension insurance intermediary's account
January 13.01.2023 23.01.2023
February 13.02.2023 21.02.2023
March 13.03.2023 22.03.2023
April 12.04.2023 24.04.2023
May 12.05.2023 23.05.2023
June 13.06.2023 22.06.2023
July 13.07.2023 21.07.2023
August 11.08.2023 21.08.2023
September 13.09.2023 21.09.2023
October 12.10.2023 20.10.2023
November 13.11.2023 21.11.2023
December 12.12.2023 21.12.2023


Login to eAgent - an electronic pension fund choice app


The application requires a username and password.

The application is active every day between 7:00 and 22:30.

If you need assistance with eAgent, you can contact the Customer Contact Centre of UBB Pensions Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm.


Login to Kopernik (Commission module for pension insurance)

List of authorised persons who are entitled to accept applications for pensions or lump-sum or temporary annuity payments and to sign pension and temporary annuity payment contracts is available in Bulgarian part of this website.

Addresses and telephone numbers of the offices of the company at which applications for pensions or lump-sum or temporary annuity payments are accepted and pension and temporary annuity payment contracts are signed are available in Bulgarian part of this website.